Preface [ ] What this book covers Chapter

Preface [ ] What this book covers Chapter 1 A general overview of jQuery UI. You’ll find out exactly what the library is, where it can be downloaded from and where resources for it can be found. You’ll look at the freedom the license gives you to use the library, and how the API has been simplified to give the components a consistent and easy-to-use programming model. Chapter 2 We begin our journey through jQuery UI by looking at the high-level user interface widgets, focusing on the tabs component; a simple but effective means of presenting structured content in an engaging and interactive widget. Chapter 3 Next, we take a look at the accordion widget. This is another component dedicated to the effective display of content. Highly engaging and interactive, the accordion makes a valued addition to any web page and its API is exposed in full to show exactly how it can be used. Chapter 4 In this chapter, we focus on the dialog widget. The dialog behaves in the same way as a standard browser alert, but it does so in a much less intrusive and visitor-friendly manner. We look at how it can be configured and controlled to provide maximum benefit and appeal. Chapter 5 The slider widget provides a less commonly used, but no less valued, user interface tool for collecting input from your visitors. We look closely at its API throughout this chapter to see the variety of ways in which it can be implemented. Chapter 6 Next, we look at the date picker. This component packs a huge amount of functionality and appeal into an attractive and highly usable tool allowing your visitors to effortlessly select dates. We look at the wide range of configurations that its API makes possible as well as seeing how easy common tasks, such as skinning and localization, are made. Chapter 7 The last widget we look at is the auto-complete; a highly professional and desired addition to any page. We’ll look at the different data sources you can provide and how to customize the widget, in addition to seeing which properties and methods we have at our disposal. At the time of writing, the latest stable version of the UI library is 1.5.4, but this widget is part of 1.6 release, a sneak preview of what we’ve got to look forward to. Chapter 8 We begin looking at the low-level interaction helpers in this chapter, tackling first the related draggable and droppable components. We look at how they can be implemented individually and how they can be used together for maximum effect.

Preface jQuery has been a phenomenal success, with

Preface jQuery has been a phenomenal success, with many newcomers to the world of JavaScript frameworks choosing it, and many developers moving to it from other frameworks. jQuery UI is tipped to follow suit, and has already seen massive growth and take-up, with more success to follow. By learning how to use it now, you can be a part of its success. jQuery UI is a collection of engaging widgets and essential interaction-helpers that can help drastically reduce the amount of code you need to write and the amount of time you need to spend developing. Each component comes with a wide range of easy-to-use configurable properties and methods. The components all share a common programming interface that quickly becomes second nature to work with. Development of the library is ongoing, with highly-skilled developers building it to ever greater levels. New components are being added between major releases, and bug fixes/updates are constantly being tested and applied. jQuery UI is very much a community-driven site, with the team relying on and building upon bug reports and feature requests submitted by the wider development community. Additionally, new components are often derived from the most useful jQuery plug-ins. This book will give you a head start in learning jQuery UI; exposing the APIs behind the complete range of components as of version 1.5.4, and including much of the functionality of version 1.6 of the library. Each component is methodically and consistently looked at, with many functional examples. Each chapter ends with a full implementational example, looking at ways in which the components can be used in real-world scenarios.

Chapter 12: UI Effects 375 The core effects

Chapter 12: UI Effects 375 The core effects file 376 Color animations 376 Class transitions 378 Advanced easing 380 Highlighting 381 Additional effect parameters 382 Bouncing 384 Shaking 385 Transference 387 Scaling 390 Element explosion 392 The puff effect 395 Pulsate 397 Drop 399 Slide 402 Clip 405 Blind 407 Fold 409 Summary 411 Index 413

Droppable methods 261 Fun with droppables 261 Summary

Droppable methods 261 Fun with droppables 261 Summary 267 Chapter 9: Resizing 269 A basic resizable 270 Skinning the resizable 273 Resizable properties 274 Configuring resize handles 275 Defining size limits 279 Resize ghosts 280 Constraining the resize and maintaining ratio 282 Resizable animations 284 Resizable callbacks 286 Resizable methods 289 Fun with resizable 289 Summary 292 Chapter 10: Selecting 293 Basic implementation 294 Selectee class names 297 Configurable properties of the selectable class 298 Filtering selectables 299 Selectable callbacks 301 Selectable methods 304 Fun with selectables 308 Summary 320 Chapter 11: Sorting 321 Basic implementation 321 Configuring sortable properties 325 Placeholders 331 Sortable helpers 334 Sortable items 336 Connected lists 338 Reacting to sortable events 341 Connected callbacks 347 Sortable methods 351 Widget compatibility 354 Fun with sortable 356 The main script 360 Summary 373

Table of Contents [ iii ] Localization 150

Table of Contents [ iii ] Localization 150 Callback properties 156 Trigger buttons 159 Multiple months 161 Enabling range selection 163 Configuring alternative animations 164 Date picking methods 166 Putting the date picker in a dialog 168 Fun with date picker 175 Summary 182 Chapter 7: Auto-Complete 183 Basic implementation 184 Configurable properties 186 Scrolling 190 Auto-complete styling 192 Multiple selections 197 Advanced formatting 198 Matching properties 205 Remote data 207 Sending additional data to the server 210 Caching 210 Auto-complete methods 211 Fun with auto-complete 214 Summary 218 Chapter 8: Drag and Drop 219 The deal with drag and droppables 220 Draggables 221 A basic drag implementation 221 Configuring draggable properties 223 Resetting dragged elements 227 Drag handles 228 Helper elements 230 Constraining the drag 233 Snapping 236 Draggable event callbacks 238 Using draggable’s methods 243 Droppables 244 Configuring droppables 247 Tolerance 251 Droppable event callbacks 254 Greed 257

Table of Contents [ ii ] Fun with

Table of Contents [ ii ] Fun with tabs 52 Summary 56 Chapter 3: The Accordion Widget 57 Accordion’s structure 58 Styling the accordion 61 Configuring accordion 65 Accordion methodology 72 Destruction 72 Enabling and disabling 74 Drawer activation 78 Accordion animation 79 Accordion events 81 Fun with accordion 83 Summary 87 Chapter 4: The Dialog 89 A basic dialog 90 Custom dialog skins 92 Dialog properties 94 Adding buttons 98 Working with dialog’s callbacks 100 Using dialog animations 102 Controlling a dialog programmatically 104 Getting data from the dialog 108 Fun with dialog 111 Summary 116 Chapter 5: Slider 117 Implementing slider 118 Overriding the default theme 119 Configurable properties 122 Using slider’s callback functions 125 Slider methods 127 Slider animation 131 Multiple handles 131 Fun with slider 134 Summary 138 Chapter 6: Date Picker 139 The default date picker 140 Skinning the date picker 142 Configurable properties of the picker 144 Changing the date format 148
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